Imagine a space where children and parents have all the space and resources to share time together.

Imagine watching your child experience the joy, fun and sense of achievement of creating something totally unique for someone you both love.

Imagine your child being captivated and engaged in a way that you’ve never seen before – amazed at what they discover they can do.

Imagine helping LITTLE people develop, release and achieve their BIG ideas.

Don’t just imagine………because that’s the magic that modern families can experience six days a week at the re-creation studio.

At re-creation you’ll find the biggest choice of creative materials and craft-making equipment to fulfil the creative urges of every budding artisan and arts and crafts experimenter.

And remember, at re-creation you and your child can make as much mess as you like – while you create whatever you like….. and we’ll do all the cleaning up afterwards.

At re-creation you can delve into the most comprehensive library of arts and crafts knowledge in London. But most importantly, we have just one goal in mind – and that’s to help you and your child create something wonderful, have fun – and enjoy every precious moment.

Using new and recycled materials, you’ll soon be enjoying the worlds of Sew and Stuff (Sewing and toy making); Splash and Splatter (Painting, t-shirts, pots and pictures); Paper Sculpture (origami); Pop-ups, Peel-offs and Punches (card making) and Bradawls and Bones (book making).

Perhaps you’ve recently been missing out on that all-important “us time” with just you and your child – re-creation is the perfect way to get closer and more in-touch again with each other. But perhaps the most rewarding aspect of a visit to re-creation is the sense of realisation that you can make something you never thought possible.

This is the space and place where everyone’s creative potential can be realised by providing you with all the materials and encouragement to have fun in the magical world of creativity.

And if you’re struggling to come up with a really great kids party idea or venue – struggle no more. You can hire the whole art studio for parties of up to 16 – you could even design a unique invitation, giving your guests a flavour of the fun that’s in store for them.

And ask about our “Play Dates” events where your child can invite a few friends to join in a fun “Play Date” after school and at weekends. It’s like having school friends over to your place but with everything they need to have real fun together provided.

Me Time!

This is a special time for those mums, dads and carers that need to wind down after the morning school run.

After drop off, leave the school gates and just come along to re-creation, have tea or coffee and get those creative juices going while the children are at school.

Forget about the housework for a moment and enjoy the time with friends while making a bespoke creation. Feel free to come along as a group or individually, design your own cards or gifts ready for Christmas. You may also want to embark on a series of sessions, for example drawing skills, jewellery making, sewing, knitting, the options are limitless. We are happy to cater to your ‘Me time!’ requests! Babies are welcome too.

re-creation….Let’s. Go. Make!