If you’re searching for an interesting and enjoyable “team-building” experience then the re-creation art space might be just the answer.

Every organisation knows the value of getting the best performance from its most important asset – its people. Often, awakening and releasing our inner potential can help develop our logic skills, hone our problem solving capacity and stimulate creative thinking.
The re-creation art space provides all the encouragement and materials for groups of up to 16 to delve into their untapped creative abilities.

If you don’t have time to leave your office, we also offer bespoke onsite activities. Numbers are dependent on the type of activity. Please contact for more information.

Watch as colleagues reveal a creative side of themselves you’ve never seen before. Harness the combined talent of teams trying to out do each other at making something magical. See people who work together grow even closer and learn more about each other’s talent and skills.

Time at re-creation represents a really “hands-on” and creative approach to team building and individual bonding.
re-creation is the place where everyone’s creative potential can be realised by providing you with all the materials, ideas and encouragement to have fun in the magical world of creativity.

At re-creation you’ll find the biggest choice of creative materials and craft-making equipment to fulfil the creative urges of every budding artisan and arts and crafts experimenter and you can delve into the most comprehensive independent library of arts and crafts knowledge in London.

Let’s. Go. Make.